Stitchers' Helps: DMC's Floss By Color Family List In Convenient Format

I've always loved the Stitcher's Floss Card published by Gloria and Pat on which those kind ladies listed the flosses organized into color families and given excellent descriptive names. Some time ago, they apparently stopped printing them (my LNSs could no longer obtain them) because they have links to DMC's website on their site. In the meantime, DMC finally capitulated and assigned names to their colors (which they carefully disavow in all their publications and on their website):

DMC's list of flosses in numerical order with color names in English
DMC's list of flosses in numerical order with color names in French
DMC's list of flosses in family groupings (as they appear on the pages of their latest sample card) in English

DMC's floss color card (i.e., swatches). The color card pages have their own internal "search by number" as well, which will display a swatch graphic of the color you enter.

All of these pages are searchable using your browser's Find function. I put the links to the French versions here as a help for anyone who has bought a pattern from Europe and then had to try to figure out what colors the specified flosses are! If a foreign pattern has colors in languages other than French or English, try translating the names to French or English at Altavista's Babelfish site and then searching them on the DMC pages. There does not seem to be a French version of family groupings with color names in French on the DMC French site, only the numerical list.

On both the English and French sites there are conversion charts between DMC threads and a shopper's checklist with little checkboxes you can print.

My Single Sheet Color Families List

While all the DMC pages are nice on-screen, they take up four pages printed and I liked the convenience of the Gloria and Pat card which was printed on one sheet of heavy 8 1/2" x 11" paper. So I formatted the family grouping list in English as a file which prints all the colors on two sides of one 8 1/2" x 11" sheet as a convenience:

Because my eyes are not getting younger, instead of all the columns being printed on one half of an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet as they are on Gloria and Pat's card, this one takes up the whole of both sides of a sheet, but at least I can read it :-) I also corrected several discrepancies between the list and the actual color cards where the numbers were switched, obvious when one looks at the color names; the only moving of a number I did was to move 444 Dark Lemon from its DMC color-names placement between 437 Light Tan and 436 Tan, a placement that looks very odd indeed to me. I moved it to where DMC places it in the color card, as the darkest color in a family followed by 973; it looks right there and would drive me crazy if stuck in the middle of those lovely tans and browns! These files have been corrected as of 1 February AD 2004.

I have rearranged my four large floss-storage boxes according to this "official" DMC color families list. [They were previously organized in Gloria and Pat's original color family order.] One advantage to having rearranged the order is that it made my eyes see some of the colors in new ways as they are juxtaposed against different colors than they were before. The other advantage (well, at least to him!) is that my nine-year-old son keeps claiming the extras of any color of which I have two or more bobbins of a color (except for my favorite I-use-them-all-the-time colors, that is!); he has a growing collection of flosses; he started the stash habit at six :-) And yes, he has two projects going, interrupted by homework et cetera, and is already begging to start another one. I was hoping NOT to pass on the UFO habit :-)

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